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Paasikivi-Opisto in English


Paasikivi-Opisto in English

Paasikivi Opisto is a comprehensive community college and vocational school, which offers basic courses on society, communications, media and art and prepares students for further studies, working life and active membership in society. It also grants a certificate of qualification as a media assistant in audiovisual communication. The values important to the teaching and operation of the school are individuality, diversity and critical thinking. Paasikivi Opisto is located on the beautiful island of Kakskerta in the city of Turku.

Our teaching language is Finnish.


General studies include: Social Science, Art, Graphic design, Journalism, Creative writing, Photography and Free choice studies.

Social Science

Courses in Social Science teach students to analyze and explain social and political phenomena in society and theories of political action, problems of government and civil society, social and economic questions, and international and global challenges. In addition to theoretical studies, the curriculum includes practical projects, seminars, visiting quest speakers and field trips.

Studies are for those orientated towards social and political activities as well as civic work activities in both the domestic and international sector. The Social Science major prepares students for further university studies in the social and political sciences.

Studies consist of:
- Finnish society - structure and political activity;
- The Finnish policy system;
- The Finnish foreign and security policy environment and its changes;
- Finland in the EU;
- Global conflicts and their interpretation;
- Diplomacy and international organizations;
- Political ideologies;
- Media and politics;

Graphic Design

There is a strong need for graphic designers in nearly all branches of media production. The study module at Paasikivi Opisto offers an introduction into the basic skills of graphic design.

The studies consist of:
- Mastering the basics of graphic design;
- Developing your skills of expression in graphic design;
- Drawing, painting, and other forms of visual expression;
- The managing of graphic design production;
- Print media (e.g. newspaper production);
- Network communications (e.g. webpage design);
- Printing and publishing techniques;
- Using graphic software (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash);
- Working as a freelancer;
- Preparing your own portfolio

Optional studies:
- English and Swedish language (spoken, written);
- Data processing certificate;
- Journalism and creative writing;
- Photography, video recording, and radio work;
- Basic module studies at the university level in social science, education or the humanities


The purpose of Journalism is to gather, verify and analyze information and, finally, to present it to the general public through different forms of mass media. Work in journalism demands good writing skills and the use of modern computer technology and audiovisual equipment. Special presentation skills are necessary for work in radio and television.

The studies consist of:
- Good command of the journalistic process and journalistic writing;
- Journalism and media research;
- Finnish language, oral communication and presentation skills;
- Print media;
- Network communication;
- Radio work;
- Television work;
- Photography, filming, and audio skills;
- Using software (Word, Adobe, InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash);
- Creative writing;
- Working as a freelancer;
- Preparing your own portfolio

Visual arts

The one-year visual arts program at Paasikivi Opisto focuses on visual art creation. Courses develop artistic skills and personal strengths, thereby creating a solid foundation for further studies, working life and hobbies. The studio for visual arts students is located along the banks of the Aura River in an inspiring old factory setting. Artists are encouraged to work individually as well as in groups. Students also visit art exhibitions and other art studios. Visual art studies are for those who aim to be visual artists or follow their own artistic pursuits, or for those who plan to continue art studies at a more advanced level. Visual arts studies offer a comprehensive introduction to essential skills for creating visual arts.

The studies include:
- Drawing, painting, and other illustrated expressions (e.g. cartoons and graphics);
- Composition and color;
- Basics of sculpture;
- Environmental aesthetics and architecture;
- Media and visual art;
- Visual artists’ role and work;
- Basics of photography and filming;
- Installation and conceptual art Using software (Illustrator, Photoshop);
- Preparing your own portfolio

Creative writing studies

Creative writing is the writing of fiction. The Creative mind builds texts from memory, sensory perceptions and imagination. The writer gets experience in writing different types of texts and learns how to approach his/her own writing analytically and to see the ways in which literary culture functions and its historic lines of development.

The studies include:
- The culture of writing and knowledge of literature;
- Methods of writing;
- Text analysis;
- Lyric poetry writing;
- Drama writing;
- Prose writing;
- Scientific writing;
- Journalistic writing;
- Script writing;
- Finnish language;
- Working as a freelancer
- Preparing your own portfolio


A photograph is present in nearly all forms of communication. We live in the age of visual culture. Each and every one of us encounters photographs daily and almost each and every one of us produces a photograph on a daily basis. It seems almost self-evident that everyone should know how to take a photograph. But photography is a multi-dimensional phenomenon. It includes everything from snapshots to art form to professional work. Photography as a hobby is fun, but as professional work it can be taken extremely seriously.
Photography studies are for those who want to develop their skills at a fast pace and/or aim to work in the field or to continue studying at a more advanced level.

The studies include:
- Traditional and digital photography and camera technique;
- Black and white and color photography;
- Photography as a means of expression and the history of photography;
- Using photos in different media;
- Journalistic and documentary photography;
- Studio photography Working with software (e.g. Photoshop);
- Basics of motion picture and video filming;
- Working as a freelancer;
- Preparing your own portfolio

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